Ps3 Emulator For Windows xp/vista/7/8/10

We are so happy to sit here and finally be able to cheer and raise our glasses for what we finally have created. We have spent countless of sleepless nights, a lot of dedication and gone through a lot of frustration to finally be able to tell you today that we have done it. After all this support you guys have given us, we are now proud to represent a product that we have thought we could release a few months ago. But we hit trouble underway, and we found some unexpected trouble under the way, but finally we did it. We are Team Alpatroz, and we are here to tell you that we now have developed our new baby: Vyxin, the PS3 emulator. This emulator has been created with the focus to make it run able on almost all rigs that have been bought after 2004. As you probably know, our Playstation 3 emulator was first designed and run able with a computer with only intel graphics card for example, but we managed to add support for all the other graphics cards. So here it is. Vyxin, the emulator with focus on being fast, low resource craving, and easy to use.


To download this emulator for pc just click on the download link below:


PS3 Emulator


A whole new PS3 Emulator

This newly coded and soon to be released emulator that we are now ready to publish is at a whole new level. We have been into creating a emulator for PlayStation ever since the release of the ps2. We did come up with a ps2 emulator back in the days, but people had to pay to use it. However, we feel bad about it today, and want to make up for it by giving everyone access to our PS emulator. This baby is so new and clean that we have managed to run it properly on an old rig from 1999! Now that shows something. Here it is important to take note that the PS3 console is a bit behind computers. Now playing on a high-end computer in 2014 with a ps3 game with the emulator, you might think that the graphics will not be better than the original ones of the ps3. But this is in fact incorrect, and the graphics are actually in most cases 25% better than the ones coming from your ps3. Now this is just another of many reasons why you should use your computer for ps3 games instead of your ps3.

Features of our Playstation 3 Emulator

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose our Playstation emulator among many. Here are just a few of them that should be enough to convince you.

  • Our Emulator is coded very properly
  • Low requirements to run
  • Smooth gameplay
  • even better graphics than normal
  • Ability to mod your games
  • And MANY more!

So what are you waiting for? Lets get going! But you will need some ps3 games in order to use the ps3 emu properly. We have in the download included a version of super mario bros, but the rest you will have to get. We are planning to release a site soon where you can get the hottest, newest and best ps3 games of all times to download down to your device. and ready to be emulated by our ps emulator. For now just stick with your own games, or get some of other sites. Just download an ISO of the game you desire and load it into the emulator. Now everything from here goes automatic and smooth meaning you will not even have to worry about using the right settings most of the times. However, if you do hit a bug or seem to have problems underway, you can always enable the manual method allowing you to manually remove graphic improvements.